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The cost for the BookBub Ads Dare is $59.00. Once you pay, you'll be directed to a signup for the emails, and you'll start getting your first setup emails within minutes.

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Once you pay for the Dare, you'll be directed to a sign up form to get the emails delivered straight to your inbox. 

No logging in to a website with a username and password. The content is yours as long as you save the emails. 

There is a Facebook group with additional information, a place for feedback on ad images, and a place to ask questions, get help, and offer support to other authors on the same journey as you.

There are no refunds for the Dare. If, at any point, Elana updates the Dare, she will send out the new information or new emails to anyone who's signed up for the Dare.

If you still have questions, please email Elana at elana@elanajohnson(dot)com.


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