Getaway Bay Romance Series

Go to the Big Island of Hawaii and Getaway Bay for the best clean billionaire romance in the Pacific.

The Brainy Billionaire

A local island B&B owner hates the swanky high-rise hotel down the beach...but not the billionaire who owns it. Can she deal with strange summer weather, tourists, and falling in love?

The Brawny Billionaire

A car service owner who’s been driving the billionaire pineapple plantation owner for years finally gives him a birthday gift that opens his eyes to see her, the woman who’s literally been right in front of him all this time. Can he open his heart to the possibility of true love?

Beach Club Bashful

The Bashful Billionaire

A former poker player turned beach bum billionaire needs a date to a hospital gala, so he asks the beach yoga instructor his dog can't seem to stay away from. At the event, they get "engaged" to deter her former boyfriend from pursuing her. Can he take his fake fiancé into a real relationship?

Beach Club Brazen

The Brazen Billionaire

The owner of a beach-side drink stand has taken more bad advice from rich men than humanly possible, which requires her to take a second job cleaning the home of a billionaire and global diamond mine owner. Can she put aside her preconceptions about rich men and make a relationship with him work?

The Billionaire's Bodyguard

Women can be rich too...and this female billionaire can usually take care of herself just fine, thank you very much. But she has no defense against her past...or the gorgeous man she hires to protect her from it. He's her bodyguard, not her boyfriend. Will she be able to keep those two B-words separate or will she take her second chance to get her tropical happily-ever-after?

The Billionaire's Boyfriend

Can a closet organizer fit herself into a single father's hectic life? Or will this female billionaire choose work over love...again?

The Brave Billionaire

A billionaire who has a love affair with his job, his new bank manager, and how they bravely navigate the island of Getaway Bay...and their own ideas about each other.

The Belated Billionaire

A silver fox, a dating app, and the mistaken identity that brings this billionaire face-to-face with his ex-wife...

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