Hawthorne Harbor Romance Series

Go to Hawthorne Harbor on the seashore of Washington for the best clean beach romance on the West Coast.

Coming Summer of 2018

Love in Lavender, Hawthorne Harbor Romance Book 1

Paramedic Andrew Herrin delivered Gretchen Samuels's daughter on the side of the road when she and her husband couldn't make it to the hospital in time. When their paths cross again in small-town Hawthorne Harbor, she's a widow and the baby is ten-year-old Dixie.

Dixie gets along great with Drew, and Gretchen finds herself falling in love with the man who's rescued her twice now. But when Drew's ex-girlfriend comes back to town, Gretchen's trust issues rear their ugly head. Can she and Drew find their way toward finding love in the lavender?

Available in Kindle Unlimited.

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Beloved in Blue, Hawthorne Harbor Romance Book 2

Janey Germaine is tired of entertaining tourists in Olympic National Park all day and trying to keep her twelve-year-old son occupied at night. When long-time friend and the Chief of Police, Adam Herrin, offers to take the boy on a ride-along one fall evening, Janey starts to see him in a different light. Do they have the courage to take their relationship out of the friend zone?

Coming July 30 in Kindle Unlimited.

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Romance in Red, Hawthorne Harbor Romance Book 3

Bennett Patterson is content with his boring firefighting job and his big great dane...until he comes face-to-face with his high school girlfriend, Jennie Zimmerman, who swore she'd never return to Hawthorne Harbor. Can they rekindle their old flame? Or will their opposite personalities keep them apart?

Coming October 2 in Kindle Unlimited.

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Merry with Mistletoe, Hawthorne Harbor Romance Book 4

Coming December 4 in Kindle Unlimited.

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Passion in Pink, Hawthorne Harbor Romance Book 5

Coming February 5, 2019 in Kindle Unlimited.

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