The Rift Walkers

In this dangerous game with time, someone's bound to lose.

Seventeen-year-old Saige Phillips can’t help holding on to the hope that she’ll find Chloe, her twin who went missing five years ago. After all, Saige sees echoes of Chloe sitting in the window and skipping down the stairs. Though there’s never been any sound associated with Saige’s “hallucinations,” she’s freaked out by the breathing she hears in her bedroom.


The breathing is definitely real, and it’s definitely not coming from Saige. It’s echoing through a time rift that originates in Saige’s bedroom...


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With Cascade gone through the rift, Price is determined to fix everything and find her. It doesn't matter if there's somebody that could become him--steal his life--on the other side of the rift. What does matter is that he figure out how to mend it.


Fix it he does, but no one--not Price, not Saige, not Cascade--is prepared for what they'll find on the other side of the rift...


Read MEND, book two in the Rift Walkers duology, for free on Kindle Unlimited.


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